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When one could assume, &ME entered the House and Techno world somewhat out of the blue, it is due to his sublime modesty that’s already captured in his alias. His way to become one of today’s most praised and sought after DJ/producers is based on a solid foundation. A foundation comprised of solo-releases, remixes, projects and collaborations that numerous, we’d rather refer to his discography than weary you with namedropping. Besides, all those references would just distract from what truly matters – the music this guy is delivering. Not to underestimate the importance of a project such as Terranova for &ME’s current path, but still the alignment has been made – to focus consistently on his solo-work. And it shows.
There are not many artists around turning in such a slew of globally praised floormaterial like &ME did over the last years. Just think of his last offerings on Keinemusik, a collective of Berlin based DJs and producers, including Rampa, Adam Port, Reznik & artist Monja Gentschow, he helped founding in 2009, namely “After Dark” and “Woods” or his “Vermillion”-remix for Damian Lazarus – all serious bangers, played by every renowned DJ worldwide. Everything is falling into place for the fella. His DIY-approach to handle things, his easy going attitude, his reputation as a gifted producer and DJ extraordinaire, his ability to link innovative production with consensual reception, making him one of the most unique and original figures in the game.


Whilst some follow trends, others set them. Award-winning music producer and live performer Rodriquez Jr. also known as Olivier Mateu has spent 20 years in the industry, with his vast experience of all genres of electronic music making him the visionary of melodic house and techno he is today.

Drawing inspiration for his live performances from the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his studio in Paris, Rodriguez Jr. relishes the opportunity to travel the globe and realise his project on stage. In doing so he has amassed a devoted and loyal fan base through the creation of his unique movement. Some of the most recent acclaimed shows featured huge festival performances at Sziget (Hungary), Lightning in A Bottle and CRSSD (both California), Paraiso and Sonar Festival (both Spain). Continuing to blur the boundaries between electronic and organic like few others can, his extensive touring schedule sees Mateu at world-renowned clubs every week, taking him to the likes of Solomun’s party at Destino Ibiza, Fabric London and Space Miami.

On the production front, Mateu has continued to have an exceptional output, with his last release on Mobilee Radian entering the Beatport top ten within three days following release. Another highlight was his full Anjunadeep debut on the eclectic double-cut entitled Phoenix/Amargosa. Alongside this his remixes have also been received with equal merit on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Systematic or Poker Flat. On Spotify, his music reaches an audience of 500,000 listeners each month and continues to grow every week. Currently Rodriguez Jr. is working on his third album for 2020, meticulously crafting another emotionally moving LP with exemplary skill to follow up the globally supported 2017 album Baobab.


Floyd Lavine is an artist of a new African generation. Based Both Berlin and Cape Town he explores the bridges between Africa & Europe through music. Floyd Lavine is an artist of a new African generation. Born and raised in South Africa, Floyd explores our global village in every direction with one foot in Berlin and the other in Cape Town.
Gaye, Green, Wonder, Fassie; past legacies were a crucial influence in Floyd’s early life before his introduction to house and techno in his late teens through the likes of MAW, Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer.
Seeking some uncharted adventures, Floyd was drawn to London to explore music and develop himself as an artist. Whilst studying music production and business, he started a label called Uberbeat Records with his friend and fellow DJ/producer Quintin Christian. Together, they worked under the alias “Live Tech Rebelz” – a production duo with numerous EP releases.
After seven years in London, Floyd moved back to South Africa to be a part of its exciting emerging underground scene. He set up Nomadiq Music which quickly became one of Cape Town’s leading labels and musical platforms, showcasing local artists and hosting international talent of all shapes and sizes.
Floyd’s unique talent has landed him gigs at some of Europe’s premier events, venues and festivals, including Berghain/Panorama Bar, Watergate and KaterHolzig in Berlin; Unit 7, The End/AKA, Creche and Jade in London; Wanderlust and Nuba in Paris; Glastonbury Festival and Get Loaded In The Park.
Not to mention his popularity in his native South Africa where he’s one of the country’s favourite DJs and a major actor on the electronic music scene.

Floyd has released his music on some of the leading international underground labels including Upon.You Records (Berlin), murmur records (London), Dogmatik (London), Lower East (London) and on his co-owned imprint, Nomadiq Music. His productions have been supported and remixed by the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Dubfire, Pezzner, jef k, Art Department, tINI, Tom De Mac, Loco Dice and Anonym.

Heading back to Europe in October 2015, Floyd has now settled down in Berlin where he launch RISE at Watergate, his exciting new residency which draws its inspiration from the African continent, looking to showcase talents coming from but also inspired by Africa.
Production wise, Paranoid Dancer, a digital and limited edition vinyl record label based in Berlin, released his latest track, Afrique De Circus, on its 5th Paranoid Grooves edition (now out on Beatport Pro) and he’s got new releases coming up on labels such as Decay Records (London), Moral Fiber Music (Groningen, Netherlands) and BodyPart Records (Moscow).


In 2014, Carl Craig began a new event concept ‘Detroit Love’, designed to bring together and support the sounds of Detroit and take a little of the techno brotherhood to clubs and festivals the world over. “My love for Detroit is my inspiration, my inspiration is ‘Detroit Love”, says Craig. Detroit Love launched at ADE 2014, in the underground recesses of Amsterdam’s North Sea Jazz club. Craig invited Detroit natives Recloose, Moodymann – who played a set encompassing disco, soul, house and hip-hop, and Mad Mike Banks to play keys over Carl Craig’s Moog infused 4-cd-deck closing set, which included live editing, sampling, scratching and looping of soundscapes ranging from ambient textures to masterful techno. A Detroit focused line-up, showcasing only a few of the sublime talent that Detroit has to offer, the launch was a special and unforgettable night for those who attended. Detroit Love continues to tour in select venues the world over, bringing the special Detroit magic wherever it goes, with standout shows in Detroit, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, NYC, LA, San Francisco, London and Ibiza.

The past few years have seen Carl expanding on his love for collaboration, overseeing a number of visionary performances with ensembles ranging from national orchestras to world-renowned classical pianists. Following the success of the Versus album in 2017 – a realisation of his joint project with pianist Francesco Tristano – he continues to explore the boundaries between techno and classical music with a series of innovative sonic experiments.

In 2018 he performed select pieces from Versus with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Krakowice. Expanding on this, 2019 will see the project performed in its entirety at The Royal Albert Hall alongside The Chineke! Orchestra – Europe’s first majority BME orchestra, for a historic night of musical explorations.

Another collaboration in 2018 – this time with Argentinian synth group Klauss – resulted in a joint EP on Planet E, later remixed by DJ Deep & Traumer. Further releases on the iconic label include entries from Waajeed, the late Marcus Belgrave, Terrence Parker, Martin Buttrich and Jon Dixon, laying testament to Carl’s tried-and-tested curatorial skills. Applying this in a new context he launched the Detroit Love label that same year with a compilation mixed by Stacey Pullen, as a platform to accompany his event series of the same name. With showcases scheduled in venues across the globe, a residency on Worldwide FM and a second compilation due in May 2019, he continues to deliver impassioned tributes to his hometown with unparalleled dedication.

When Craig explains his philosophy, his wry sense of humor seeps into his explanations of far-reaching concepts that merge worlds together. “I have a very special career. When I feel that I’m tired of going on the road I can go in the studio. When I’m tired of concentrating on the studio I can go on the road. I can work with concert pianists, jazz musicians or rock guys. Very few people have that range of interests. Very few people juggle a career that they choose specifically.” No one else can pull it all together quite like Carl Craig.


After contributing a track to the label's 'Cocoon Compilation F' album, Gerber's first full-length album ‘Late Bloomers’ was released on Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings imprint in June 2007 and featured two worldwide club hits in ‘Belly Dancing’ and ‘Sea Of Sand’ which he recorded with his Israeli production friend Shlomi Aber. Following this album, Gerber released 'My Invisible Romance'. In addition to his productions, Gerber also found time to remix New Order and Dominik Eulberg as well as setting up his own label Supplement Facts. In 2012 and 2013, the artist delivered a Fabric album made up of entirely original new productions; then 'Who's Stalking Who' was an LP closer to an extended composition than anything else. More recently, Gerber has remixed worthy mentions such as ‘The L Word’ by Deniz Kurtel and ‘Hungry For The Power’ by Azari & III.

As a performer, Gerber has been consistently rated one of the best acts in dance music, topping as a top 10 performer for the last three years on Resident Advisor. When DJing, he is noted for his extended sets such as a 12-hour performance at Burning Man in 2014. Gerber's 2013 Wisdom of the glove residency at Pacha caught the New York Times' attention. 12 months later, he went ahead with a clandestine free Ibiza beach party he called, Rumors. On top of his performances, Gerber had helped curate and A&R many underground music talents. His label, Supplement Facts, hosted artists from Chaim, to dOP, Guti and Kate Simko. However, as it was reaching its apex, Gerber put this project on hold to launch a new imprint Rumors. The new project was launched with Gerber's collaboration with Dixon, "No Distance", as well as a crossover album with Puff Daddy, '11:11', which was one of 2014's most critically acclaimed LPs.[3]

Similarly to Supplement Facts, Rumors reintroduces Gerber's attention to the visual aesthetic. The artist has been seen collaborating with artists all over the globe such as with Miss Kittin on the critically acclaimed 'Rumors on The Dancefloor' EP. Rumors has also released many EPs from other high-profile artists, like Seth Troxler, as well as upcoming talents with unique styles, such as Clarion or Acid Mondays.

However, Rumors has also been launching accompanying event series in the summer of 2014. For instance, Rumors hosted a series of free parties in Ibiza with a laid back atmosphere, thanks to its setting in the Playa d'En Bossa beach. However, the Rumors parties rejected the mega-lineup announcements and posters across the rest of the island. There was very little information and it would all be given up last minute. Despite this unusual approach, Rumors parties saw huge artists like sasha, Miss Kittin, Kenny Glasgow and Matthew Dear sharing the sets alongside Gerber and the label's upcoming artists.

Following these events, Rumors has not ceased to spread worldwide with events at 'Art Basel Miami 'and stages at 'BPM Mexico' and 'We Are FSTVL' in London proving. Although Gerber has been scattering his performances all across the globe, his vision of the perfect musical event remains the same, "The night has a very particular flow... it has to start very deep, very spiritual, and it slowly builds up, never too fast. It’s a very natural-feeling party. The tracks played must have some substance, not too loopy, and have some kind of musical vibe in them. I’m looking for challenging deep house."


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Two friends, machines, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, sound and
motion. Redefining the sound of a city, gluing together influences, opening new
spectrums and introducing the world to a new wave of slow burning down beats and
electric garage. A Deep organic build up which started in 2010, and is going worldwide
these days. Originated in a post-punk band called ‘Red Cotton’ that transformed later into
Red Axes. Performing Live or DJ, as far and as exotic as possible.
Red Axes have come a long way since the 2014’s Ballad Of The Ice. Tel-Aviv, now a
scene and sound that the duo were instrumental in putting on the map, has burst onto the
world stage armed with limitless electronic bravado and the city’s strong guitar music
heritage. Now, the much loved duo return, sophomore album in tow on their own
label Garzen Records.
Unique moments and significant experiences gleaned over the course of an exceptionally
intense year left Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi with depths of inspiration for their new
record. Throughout December 2016, the Axes worked in their Tel-Aviv studio, surrounded
by their extended Garzen family – Abrão, Eylonzo Crotch, Gabriel Broid, Adi
Bronicki, Thomas Jacksonn & Iñigo Vontier all feature – giving life to a new
psychedelic cosmic adventure. The outcome, a 12 track album which invites listeners
to The Beach Goths world.
Red Axes snake their way through genres and periods, clearing an unorthodox highway
through conventions, nodding to the past, eyes on the future. Live drums, jangling
guitars, fuzzed out synths and an all pervasive psychedelia emerge as the backbone of
The Beach Goths. Opener Ride The Sus leads in with a nonchalant blues indebted
bluster; Tarzan Blues and Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) call halftime with a
bow down to Dead Kennedys and Cramps era proto punk and rockabilly. While the Axes
are quick to jam out exotic post-punk numbers, the land of The Beach Goths is a land of
contrasts. The clubs are never far and the drum machines come out on prime time club
ready chuggers Piper Work, Shir 1 and the album’s first choice excerpt Tantram Power.
Dori and Niv’s vocal chops feature heavily, standing out on the youthful, kaleidoscopic
ballad Loose and closing the album with a warm embrace, helped by Deaf Chonky
singer Adi Bronicki, on psychedelic ballad Into Your Arms.
The Beach Goths was released June 29 on Red Axes own Garzen Records.


Crossing borders is a familiar experience to David Mayer. Though being born in south Germany, he spent most of his youth living in Norway and (for a change) in Lanzarote, before Berlin happened to become his home in 2004. With key-releases on the labels Connected, Objektivity, Keinemusik and Ouïe alongside remixes on Kompakt, Get Physical, Offering Recordings and Rise Music Berlin he has forged a reputation as a producer and touring DJ.

As he prefers thinking outside the box, Mayer has always been equally interested in listening to and experimenting with diverse forms of music, no matter what musical genre they derive from, although his passion for funked up 4/4 beats clearly dominates his creative output. Early tracks like “Fortune”, “Word Is Bond”, “Celsius” and “Machinedrum Calypso” just as the more recent „Drained“ featuring Sooma, „Sirocco“, „The Call“ and his several remixes are characterised by an intriguing knack for detail and particular sound design. Both when spinning records and producing tracks, he is presenting his own interpretation of catchiness, mixing up Techno and percussive House, adding a little deepness, but always keeping an eye on making his audience shake some.

Only leaving his desk in order to indulge some serious clubbing, this guy knows about priorities. With a solid and continuous stream of output under his belt, it is always of interest what David Mayer is up for next.


South African native Themba burst onto the global dance scene in 2018 with a string of high profile gigs and music releases. This summer Themba is based in Ibiza as resident DJ at Black Coffee's party at Hi, with shows at Ushuaia, Amnesia, Blue Marlin & Heart, while also touring in over 20 other countries.

Early 2019 saw Themba play at the Brixton 02 Academy in London, warming up for Black Coffee, the Luciano & Friends party in Tulum Mexico & Paris Fashion week with Nic Fanciulli . At this year's Miami Music Week he played at the Black Coffee and All Gone Pete Tong shows, where Themba's set was used as the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix for Pete Tong's show that week.

Themba's sound is forged from his African roots, incorporating local singers, songwriters and percussionists to create his own unique take on electronic music. His 'Paliva EP' & 'Haai EP' were both released on the Knee Deep In Sound label in 2018, as well as 'Vuma / Lost' on Yoshitoshi. The highly acclaimed 'Who Is Themba?' on his own Herd label remained in the Beatport chart almost a year after it's release. His music has been heavily supported by Black Coffee, Adam Beyer, Pete Tong, Hot Since 82, Damian Lazarus, Masters At Work and many more of the world's most influential tastemakers. More recent singles 'The Wolf' and 'iLEMBE' on Herd have caused a stir at all of Themba's recent shows. Themba's productions continue to break the mould and he has numerous fresh releases lined up for 2019. He is also in demand as a remixer, adding his magic to Paxx (Tulum) 'Djoloren' on Stealth and Deepshakerz ‘Tell Me’ forthcoming on Saved.

In his debut year, 2018 saw him play the Resistance, Elrow, supporting Faithless on tour and the Corona Sunset festival all in South Africa & supporting Black Coffee on his UK tour. Other highlights included his residency at Hi in Ibiza and a Mixmag Lab Live in NYC both with Black Coffee. Themba also made his debut at Ushuaia, Blue Marlin and Pacha in Ibiza.

Capturing the industry's attention, Themba has already featured in Mixmag, DJ Magazine Ibiza and DJ UK, Ushuaia Magazine, Faze and Deep House Amsterdam. His DJ mixes have featured on radio including Pete Tong's radio show, Apple Music's Beats 1 and Ibiza Sonica. Themba was also nominated for 'Best Newcomer' and this year is up for 'Best Breakthrough' at the Ibiza DJ Awards and has presented a short documentary for Beatport called 'Monitor Johannesburg'.

Themba has been made an ambassador for the Bridges For Music charity in South Africa, something very close to his heart. Themba & Dubfire hosted a workshop for young students at their school in Langa, which aims to become a learning space and creative hub where these young, talented individuals are able to pursue their dreams and develop their music skills, both in production and the music business.


After starting his solo project in 2011, Be Svendsen - a namesake of his native Danish peninsula- released a series of EPs and remixes which spun across the international scene. Inspired by acclaimed live festival performances at Portugal’s BOOM, Fusion, Burning Man, AfrikaBurn Symbiosis and and tours through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa, an increasingly intoxicated fanbase followed.

Surprisingly then, he’s a man who rarely listens to electronic music. As an artist, you’ll find him aloof from of the conventional electronic music world altogether.

Deliberately distant, so as to quieten any easy influences and create something entirely new.

Vehemently defiant of both trends and hype, it is a sound that deliberately skirts the digital and plays on the low-fi. This is musician over machine. A musician who can breathe fresh life into sounds that recall old nomadic stories, making them resolutely modern.

Perhaps explaining why the Burning Man crew get turned on by for his music, it straddles the melodic, the euphoric and evocatively sombre. Sounds that can be playful one Nevada sunrise and obscure, on a starry BOOM midnight.

It mobilises everything from Tribal-tech, field-teased vibes, woozy Arabic melodies, via the rusty spaghetti-western soundtrack, into an almost mythical manifestation of the deserts and planes of the old American West.

It is through these playful interchanges of style that Be Svendsen expresses a profound and ever self-interrogating talent for innovation and alchemy. This talent takes him out of the tired end of techno, away from any easy neat and tidy genre classifications and firmly into the avant-garde.

He explains: ”The music should ultimately connect you to a bigger picture”. The goal is to express and convey a feeling, and to behold the moment - the essence of oscillating between a smile and a tear. “I like to bring tragedy and humour together, and invite them up for a dance.” This is in some way, a a celebration of what he calls chiaroscuro - the light and dark - of existence. His sets are transporting, providing a cinematic swagger to the listener submersed in his soundscape.

Never failing to provoke a sense of shared intensity, his sets induce broad, knowing smiles and the acknowledgement and gratification that can only accompany the truly unique. You’ll find a collection of world-wise, wide-open hearts, made whole by a hypnotic, electronic vigour on this particular desert-circus-shaman-cowboy’s, dance-floor. You’ll find it somewhere between the ornamental East and on a barely trodden path called Be Svendsen, way out, in the untamed West.


Long time Watergate resident Matthias Meyer embarks on a momentous summer schedule this year propelled by some career defining moments of late. On the music front, he has continued his quality approach with a small number of high impact releases in recent times including the Beatport Deep House number 1 ‘Hope’ alongside Ryan Davis on his beloved Watergate Records and the Pete Tong endorsed remix of Butch – ‘Shahzrad’ (which made his BBC Radio 1 Tunes of the Year list alongside many established luminaries). These releases join a stellar discography which includes fan favourites such as ‘Reichanbach’, ‘Tout Va Bien’, ‘November Rain’ and of course, ‘Infinity’.

The past few months on the road have also provided some poignant moments for Meyer with visits to the likes of Tobacco Dock, Liverpool’s Circus, Fabrik – Madrid, Rex Paris, Cityfox in New York and of course the renowned Stereo in Montreal. Another of his highlights on the road was a memorable trip to Brazil, playing D-Edge and Warung to universal acclaim. Alongside this the German also found time for a number of pivotal festival appearances (Strawberry Fields in Australia proving to be a particular highlight) and performances at both the Mixmag Lab and Boiler Room, Berlin.

Following on from his well-received residency at Pacha, Ibiza alongside Hot Since 82 last year, Meyer will return to the landmark venue once more this summer as well as venturing further afield to play Ibiza bastions Hï and Heart.

With a style that ranges from uplifting and orchestral to deep tribal grooves, the Berlin based selector will continue to showcase his diverse talents globally throughout the rest of 2018, kicking off the summer with a considerable European tour before his long awaited return to the white isle. Meyer looks set to finish this year just as he started it, with an action packed schedule focused around an expansive US tour.


If all went according to plan you wouldn’t be the least interested in this text. Indeed the story of young Velten who leaves his hometown in the Black Forest to find an orderly apprenticeship in Berlin and who grows up over time – such a story wouldn’t be very gripping.
Fortunately there is a club in Berlin that is called „Ostgut“ and people like Velten who like to make irrational decisions from time to time. The outcome is foreseeable: instead of sitting in the subway on his way to work, on a Monday morning, Velten much rather joins his pals in his run down flat for an after hour. Luckily these pals not only share their passion for sheer endless nights, but also start to organise event- series, open bars or turn a rundown Berlin backyard into a club. This is exactly the path that turned Velten within a short period of time into a DJ, producer and finally KATERMUKKE label boss DIRTY DOERING.
In the beginning it’s more about beer and liquor. Velten trades the office-desk for the bar counter and lends the prospective Berlin Techno-celebrities a hand on their way to delirium. The fact that he regularly provides them with his own DJ-Mix tapes comes in quite handily. Back then his sets are inspired by the same staggering hedonistic vibe, that lures more and more people into the small bar between Holzmarkt street and the bank of the Spree: Bar 25 is slowly making waves. Here, they’ve been waiting for someone like Velten.
Eventually DIRTY DOERING becomes an essential part of BAR 25. The guy behind the counter turns into a resident DJ, the queue in front of the club is getting longer and longer and friends become family. Outside of Berlin DIRTY DOERING is in everyone’s ears by 2010 the latest: With „I Would“ and the fitting video, full of colourful, out of time moving people, he not only reflects the sound but primarily the lifestyle of BAR 25, to the point where the whole world wants to dance with him on the shores of the Spree river.
Since then a lot has happened: DJ Bookings from New York to Tokyo, BAR 25 has been shut down and re- opened and meanwhile DIRTY DOERING has burnt down all dance floors with every new release or remix he has released. Eventually the BAR 25 era came to an end and the Kater-era started. Naturally it was Velten, who had the idea of founding the appending label KATERMUKKE.
He’s been releasing music on the label ever since – no less colourful and varied than his DJ Sets. Whether it’s deep or impellent, weirdly enchanted or crystal clear – DIRTY DOERING and KATERMUKKE don’t tie themselves down but still know where the journey should go: Onwards, escaping daily routines, straight ahead into this insanely liberating feeling, where the beat means everything and the thought of the morning after counts for nothing. LOST IN MUSIC.


For the past 20 years, Martin Gretschmann has walked without restraint the unexplored boundaries of sound. During this time he has developed a universe of his own, where he can give free rein to plastic melodies that invite to levitate above the ground.

For Gretschmann, both music and dance are useful vehicles for raising awareness, which is why he identifies himself with the so-called shamanic house, a style that seeks to establish a mystical connection in which the DJ is virtually elevated to spiritual guide, generating an atmosphere that encompasses audience and artist.

From the booth, Acid Pauli constructs a puzzle that goes beyond dance music. Guided by his experimental interest, he explores new fields of music outside the beaten paths: psychedelic, adventurous and full of musicality, a wide range of sounds that result in more than danceable sessions.


DJ, Producer, Kindisch records Label Boss, Ibiza Global Radio host... with a career spanning over 10 years both behind the decks and in the studio, Mia has established herself at the forefront of the modern house and techno movement.


KERALA DUST seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting, drawing on influences as far and wide as Tom Waits, Talking Heads and Abdulla Rashim.

Currently based in South London, the strange and excessive confusion of the city is reflected back in the anonymity of Kerala Dust’s basement studio. Whether as a solo artist in production or as a live trio in performance : the members within the inclusive isolation of this project would like you to dance while also wondering if there’s really a point to anything. The realisation that there is no point will merely be liberating.



For Rune Reilly Kölsch, Kompakt has become a great label to call home. In 2013 the German imprint celebrated 20 years of record releases at the cutting edge of electronic music, championed in June by one of the most genre re-defining albums and personal music projects for an era: Kölsch’s landmark long player, ‘1977’.


Dance, connect, and play to the sounds of MoM, one of electronic music’s most acclaimed storytellers and producers. His attraction to Acid-House and FunkyDisco led him to turntables over two decades ago. MoM’s sonic quest is elegant, deep and anything but indifferent, but a hallmark of continuous discovery and good taste – perfect to celebrate and bring the whole crowd on an amazing ride through vibrations.

The profound and exquisite ethnic elements acquires great importance on his DJ set and live set.

In his pursuit of bridging music, technology and culture, he creates the band “Mosáfires”, formed by three musicians, where they fuse electronics with “Sephardic music”.

Currently, he is one of the most outstanding Spanish artists internationally.

He has published in DeNature, Underyourskin, Bar25, Still vor Talent, LDKHN, Cosmic Awakenings among others and he has collaborated with artists such as:

Acid Pauli, Holed Coin, Alvaro Suarez or ANüT.

Throughout these last years he has played in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Instanbul, Vienna, Tunisia, Dubai, Bali, Jakarta and Mexico DF among others.

Since May of 2017, he coproduces with JZ: “HOME, Land of Bes”, a journal radio show for Pure Ibiza Radio.

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz

Internationally renowned music producer and composer Henrik Schwarz is known for his eclectic musical approach to composition and sound design. As a producer and performer, he has successfully maintained a balance between electronic music, classical and jazz, and between energetic, highly charged dance sets at huge Techno events and concert performances in seated auditoriums.



When reviewing Adam Port’s musical merits at this point in time, it shows that most of it took shape off the beaten path. Be it the conditions that sparked his DJ-career. Be it his approach of DJing itself or be it his artistic progression, manifested in his productions.
Over the last years, Adam landed a string of much noticed releases on different labels, be it on Keinemusik, his Berlin-based label-mainstay and collective of fellow artists &ME, Rampa, Reznik and designer Monja Gentschow. Or be it on imprints like Freerange, Pets, Cocoon, Moon Harbour etc. It’s been tunes that immediately brought worldwide attention to his name. But then, instead of doing the obvious, getting a management, meeting demands, playing those big stages, delivering the hits, Adam once again did what felt best for him. Maintaining artistic integrity, releasing records that reflect where his love for music is at in one moment, not knowing where it might be on the very next release, and keeping DJ-sets not only interesting for a crowd, but also himself.
That’s where he is at right now. There’s no scene-dictated tunnel view in his activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication. An emphasis, that, because it’s informed by Dub, Danchall, Rap, Soul or even Psychedelic Rock, is advanced enough to always shine through the inflationary characteristic of the genre as notably original.
Granted: What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of House and Techno, but it’s always more than that. It’s his style.



Agents Of Time is the project of Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. A revered two­man live act, DJs and masters of their sound in the studio.
Since starting their journey together as Agents Of Time, the two Italians have combined their talents and shared influences to become a globally in­demand dance act, releasing on a number of leading labels along the way. A much­loved debut 12” on Correspondent in 2014, ‘Polina’, marked them out as an exciting new name in the realm of emotional, melodic techno and kickstarted their touring career.


Pablo Fierro stands firmly at the top of a new wave of cosmopolitan electronic music, connecting ancestral sounds that cross borders, integrating them into mindblowing electronic compositions deeply influenced by his tropical roots. Born and raised in the Canary Islands, the musician, DJ and producer works from the composition of music for films to the direction of his own international record label, Vida Records and everything in between.

Lyricist and composer for guitar, bass, percussion and piano, he has developed hundreds of productions of the most diverse styles alongside different world-class artists, such as Gilles Peterson, Louie Vega, Atjazz and Black Coffee, among others. From a young age, he has dedicated his life to channelling his energy into music, reaching an extraordinary power to move and inspire other people through evocative creations in which his imposing percussion compositions intermingle and balance with deep cultural influences. Pablo has had charismatic releases on labels such as Innervisions, MoBlack, Compost and Sony Music, amongst others, building his characteristic sound that is unique, ardent and always ready to integrate new influences with agility and emotion.

The Spaniard has played at some of the most influential clubs on the globe, being a regular at venues such as Watergate (Berlin), Djoon (Paris), Cielo (New York) and Heart (Ibiza). Pablo Fierro's fascination with the unifying power of music and his constant focus will continue to lead him through different genres and take his listener on a journey that provides a much-needed fresh perspective.


Andhim are a German DJ and producer duo consisting of Simon Haehnel & Tobias Müller. Since their founding year 2010, they have published over 60 songs and remixes. They have worked with artists such as Theophilus London, Diplo, Högni Egilson, Groove Armada and Elderbrook and made it to number 31 on the German Single Charts with their remix for Wine & Chocolates.
The two describe their sound as “super house” - their very own definition of electronic music that, whether melodic or deep, always bears the typical andhim fingerprint. In addition to the musical component, the two have placed great emphasis on a strong visual concept in their representation as an artist, which is reflected in countless music videos. They always present themselves with a wink, without sabotaging the seriousness of their art.
With over 100 international shows annually and residencies in New York, Los Angeles, London and Melbourne, they are among the most successful DJ duos in the scene. Due to their past as turntablists, their skills on the decks are unmatched. As part of the 'Noisy Stylus' turntable crew, Tobias became a multiple ITF and DMC champion and had a lasting influence on the scene at the time.
In 2016 they founded their own label Superfriends Records, a label that captures the pair’s charm and ebullience; one that has moved from gentle eclecticism through infinite fun into a refined and contagiously unique electronic sound. It is an outlet for the duo’s most ambitious ideas. An independent exercise in only the finest studio output from themselves to those that inspire, influence and impress.
Andhim have over the last decade cultivated an exceptionally loyal fan base of musical lovers and peers alike; that continue to crave the German pairs musical agility and action packed forays.
In 2020 their documentary film "Miles To Go" was released, a road trip along the west coast of America, which shows a deep dive into the lives of the two on tour and how they work with each other. The documentary has been shown at several international film festivals so far and has won two coveted prizes: “Best Score” (Swindon Independent Film Fest, UK) and “Best Documentary Feature” (San Diego IKFF, USA). The music in the film was written exclusively by the two and released at the same time as the film as a soundtrack album "Miles To Go".


In 2012, Apparat (Sascha Ring) began a new scope of activity with the theatre. He composed the music for a production of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ by Sebastian Hartmann, one of the most influential theater directors in the German speaking area. After the performance at the renowned Ruhrfestspiele and the Leipzig Theater, the work received the distinction of being invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen, which is the German-language theater equivalent of an Oscar for the movies. Apparat’s music was released as an album on Mute.
In 2013 and 2014, Ring was bombarded by the wildly enthusiastic reactions to the second Moderat album. “I’ve heard this tune about a thousand times. It’s like a drug,” said Berghain DJ Marcel Dettmann of Moderat’s ‘Bad Kingdom’. “Best live show I’ve seen this year,” commented one Resident Advisor critic.
Ring had developed a taste for theater work. On his days off he composed the music for ‘Traumland’ – nominated for the Swiss film prize – and most recently the score for ‘Giovane favoloso’ by Italian director/screenwriter Mario Martone. It came as a complete surprise when Ring was awarded the Premio Piero Piccioni film score prize at the Venice Film Festival in the summer of 2014 for his work on the film about the legendary poet Giacomo Leopardi. With his music, Apparat developed a personal perception of the world into an emotional framework of utterly original beauty, in the words of the prize jury. After that, Sebastian Hartmann called again. Ring is currently working with him on a production of Dostoyevsky’s ‘Demons’ for Germany’s biggest theatrical stage, the historical Schauspiel Frankfurt (premiere on 30 January). At the same time, Ring is composing the music for two international movies that are still in production and awaiting release.
In the fall, Apparat will leave the commotion of Moderat behind and tour across theaters and more intimate concert halls in Europe, playing a program based on the ‘War & Peace’ album. In 2015, the restless musician will play a few exclusive festival gigs during the summer and then spend the winter touring throughout Australia and Asia.


Jan Blomqvist is an artist who was born in Germany (Country).

He started his artistic career in 2011 with Ghosttrack. Then he would continue with Big Jet Plane in 2011 (that same year). He has 7 record productions in File and Vinyl formats.

His varied styles of Jan Blomqvist are: Deep House (for example, on his album Time Again), House (for example, on his album The Devil In Me) and Tech House (for example, on his album Big Jet Plane).

His style follows the genre: Electronic.

Jan Blomqvist has played as: Bass, Guitar (e.g. in the single Awake), Featuring (e.g. in the single Run Away), Guitar (e.g. in the single Ink), Lyrics (e.g. in the single Black Hole Nights), Producer (e.g. in the single Black Hole Nights), in the single Black Hole Nights), Remix (For example, in the single Desert Days (Jan Blomqvist Remix)), Vocals (For example, in the single Big Jet Plane (Original)) and Written-Vocals (For example, in the single Black Hole Nights).

He has worked with the following labels: Dantze, Miteinander Musik, Motor Music, Motor Music GMBH and Stil Vor Talent.

Some of Jan Blomqvist’s collaborations were with Niconé & Sascha Braemer in 2011 with the single Run Away, with Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra in 2011 with the single Ultimate Fool, with Oliver Koletzki in 2012 with the single The Devil In Me (Niconé & Sascha Braemer Remix), with Armida in 2012 with the single Desert Days (Jan Blomqvist Remix), with Philip Bader in 2011 with the single Desert Days (Jan Blomqvist Remix), with Various in 2013 with the single Dancing People Are Never Wrong (Jan Blomqvist Remix), and so on.


Magdalena’s eyes were opened to the world of electronic music when she was just 15 years old, when her older brother snuck her into a club for the very first time. Having grown up with the musical influences of her native rural Yugoslavia as a child and later, as a teen, metropolitan Hamburg, the field of electronic music was an exciting discovery for her.
Over the next decade Hamburg’s music scene was flourishing, with the city becoming increasingly known for its melodic take on House and Techno. It was in this atmosphere that Diynamic Music was founded by Solomun and Adriano Trolio, with Magdalena working with the duo from the very beginning. Together they achieved their dream of opening their own club in Hamburg: EGO. Magdalena took control of all of the club management, bookings, artist liaison, and later became a resident DJ. In the process she learnt a lot about what a good night looks like; seeing many legends of the scene perform while simultaneously running a night hands-on. EGO was a resounding success, right up until its closure due to the team’s increasingly broadening commitments in 2014.
Within the following year, Magdalena’s unselfish, crowd-first DJing mentality saw her demand rise after each DJ gig. Having begun by playing high profile clubs for Diynamic and her good friend Anja Schneider’s Mobilee parties - “she pushed me into this whole DJ thing!” - Magdalena started to play at some of the most recognised underground institutions around the globe.
The next challenge Magdalena set for herself was to start experimenting in the studio. Being a perfectionist, she took her time until 2016 to release her debut track - ‘Should I Stay’ on the 10 Years Diynamic Anniversary compilation - and until 2017 to release her first full length EP, ‘Morphosfalter’ on Anja Schneider’s Leena Music imprint. Following a number of remixes (most notably Moby’s 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad') Magdalena finally released her first EP on Diynamic, ‘Elementum’, in the spring of 2018. Lead track ‘Mountains of Es Cubells’ would go on to define Magdalena’s landmark Ibiza season; after having played on the island and hosted her own show on Ibiza Sonica, she was able to launch her very own branded weekly residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza.
SHADOWS was a runaway success. Starting in the early evening and running until midnight, the concept was inspired by the changing lights and moods through the evening and Ibiza’s outdoor music culture. Each night Magdalena would invite just one guest - her ‘Shadow’ so to speak. The high profile bookings ranged from the likes of Solomun, Anja Schneider, Eagles & Butterflies and La Fleur to Oliver Huntemann, Rodriguez Jr. and many many more, earning the parties a solid musical reputation.
Moving into 2019, Magdalena is excited to expand SHADOWS internationally, beginning with a standout party in Tulum and two mini tours in Europe. She also continues to add to her discography with a new EP on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion imprint scheduled for release in December 2018 and multiple upcoming remixes.
By her own admission, Magdalena is not one to rest on her laurels - so watch out for her continuing upwards trajectory over the next few years.


Chaim is an Israeli musician, whose organic and forward-thinking music rouses listeners around the globe. His productions have found homes on some of the industry’s most notable labels, including BPitch Control, Rumors, Supplement Facts,Visionquest, Disco Halal, Saved , Cocoon, and many more. With a knack for turning out hits like “Love Rehab” and the Ibiza anthem “Blue Shadow” , Chaim continually finds himself at the forefront of a booming electronic music culture.

Known for gracing the DJ booths of acclaimed venues Chaim creates memorable soundtracks. His signature sound is rich and varied range, connecting the earth,wind & fire, body and soul.
In his sets he creates a mosaic, tapestry of organic and analog sounds that take the dance floor deep in and high to the sky.
from the exciting melodic to the penetrating desert sounds.

His understanding and respect for the classics can be witnessed in his sets, as he effortlessly weaves listeners between familiar jacking gems to off-kilter techno.

With a stack for new unreleased tracks Chaim is excited to explore new immersive experiences with music. An artist bound by no genre, but rather feelings of liberation and joy, Chaim creates music that is truly universal.


Hailing from the Italian capital, Rome. Whitesquare has been proving his worth behind the decks since 2012. His keen ear for house and techno has him blending tracks from all across the genre, delivering a fresh sound and eclectic vibes from the deepest shades of house reaching the elegant side of Techno.


A true storyteller, BEHROUZ has been weaving together intricate tales through turntables for almost three decades. With each set he builds an intimate connection with dancers through ethereal arrangements and meditative rhythms. His spellbinding selections leave listeners spines tingling as dreamy melodies cut through hazy harmonies. Behrouz is an underground institution, building his Miami club, Do Not Sit, into a record label and worldwide event series with a residency in Ibiza.


He began his music career in early 2007 DJing in South Africa alongside local acts like Black Coffee[4] and international visitors like Louie Vega and Rocco.[5] Following his forays in DJing, Culoe De Song began exploring production where he collaborated with Black Coffee on the track "100 Zulu Warriors", who included the tunes tribal aural assault on his second album Have Another One. Culoe De Song was later signed to Black Coffee's label Soulistic Music and was selected as one of the worldwide participants to attend the 2008 Red Bull Music Academy held in Barcelona, Spain. This made him one of the youngest participant in the academy's history.[6] While in Spain, Culoe De Song performed at Club Macerana and Fellini in Barcelona and was later invited to perform at Sonar in Spain. In 2009, Culoe De Song released the EP The Bright Forest on this German record label Innervisions. This release introduced him to a wider European audience and electronic scene.

Culoe De Song then started on his international showings while at the same time releasing his debut album, A Giant Leap, an album that went gold.[7] The album got him award nominations in multiple categories, for the 2010 South African Music Awards,[8] the Namibian Museke Awards,[9] and the 2010 Metro FM awards.[10] He released his second album, Elevation, in 2011, where he collaborated with France’s deep house DJ and producer Rocco as well as local South African acts, such as Goldfish and funk dub four piece 340ml.

The Japanese label Mule Musiq and German Label Innervisions released several singles centered on his Afrocentric rhythms and subtle digital textures.[11][12] Culoe De Song continues to perform as a DJ at corporate events, clubs, and international music festivals.

Notable festivals performed at include the Smirnoff Night Life Exchange worldwide tour in São Paulo, Brazil, Amsterdam Dance Event and the Winter Music Conference in Miami, SolarFest (Spain), and also Weather (France),[13] Oslo World Music Festival (Norway),[14] Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau (Switzerland),[15] and local South African festivals Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, and JnB Start a Party. He has performed alongside Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin, Little Louie Vega, Carl Craig, Ame, DJs At Work, Rocco, Manoo, Ralf Gum, JoJo Flores, and Boddhi Satva.

Culoe De Song is growing with popularity as a South African icon being featured in the likes of Rolling Stone,[16] Shook,[17] The New Age (South Africa), GQ,[18] and Raveline (Germany).


Jimi Jules is a very unique character in the electronic music scene which you will immediately see and feel when you listen to his productions and DJ sets. Blessed with great skills and a wide repertoire of deep electronic tunes. He sparks with joy and passion for his work in the club and the studio, which led to a Residency at Watergate in Berlin, Hive Club in Zurich and various Gigs at Ushuaia, Ibiza during the summer.



A nomad of modern times, who has travelled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles as he is well travelled.

Taking influences from his various homes the producer and trained sound engineer branched out into various genres. Through ten years-long musical journey Nu then found his true calling: instrumentals amalgamated with his electronic production all held together through solid rhythms.


In Berlin’s vibrant club scene, it’s easy to become another artist lost in the crowd. To stand out, musicians must bend genres, take risks and keep fans on their toes, always anticipating what’s next. Niconé does just that. Constantly creating and always innovating, this German DJ and producer doesn’t shy away from a challenge.
Alexander Gerlach started Niconé in 2007 as a project promoting music and fashion – he has a knack for graphic design and an interest in clothing alongside his passion for music. Since the beginning of his music career, he’s released a string of albums and EPs, both solo and with artists like Sascha Braemer, Jan Blomqvist, and Philip Bader to name just a few.
Niconé’s music cannot be defined simply by a genre, but rather, a feeling: the feeling when a dance floor full of strangers unites to form a singular mass, all dancing to a common beat; of the sun coming up in the early morning as a party reaches its peak; of the hours spent conversing with new friends as after-hour tracks pound in the distance; of nostalgia for years-gone-by balanced by an excitement for what’s to come.
Dantze, the label he founded together with Philip Bader in 2006, has become a platform for releasing the works of talents like Britta Arnold, Gunjah and Daniel Dreier. The label embraces several electronic music styles that convey similar euphoric feelings experienced when listening to Niconé’s own tracks, but all in their very own way.
His releases on labels like Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, Bar 25 Music and of course, Dantze, take in influences including deep house, tech-house, old-school electronic music as well as non- electronic genres. But the classifications aren’t what’s important – it’s all about conveying a feeling, something Niconé does masterfully.


From the sand in Nevada to the beaches of Tulum Audiofly is in a class of its own. The duo formed by the legendary producers Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito (With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership) are always looking for the next frontier in pursuit of their own unique sounds. Producers, event organisers, performers and successful label owners, Audiofly is a mature and established partnership, driven and unmatched in their exploration of this modern music lifestyle.


One of the old school darlings, French dj/producer and Robsoul label boss Phil Weeks managed with his cuts and label releases to become one of the most respected guy by the original Chicago house posse.


Since the inception of his solo career, Italian born, Ibiza based Luca Cazal has achieved much in a short space of time. With an impressive discography across a variety of aliases, including the hugely successful Infinity Ink, Hot Natured and Luca C.& Brigante groups, he’s released via household names: Classic Music Company, Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations to name a few. In the studio, Cazal draws from a deep well of inspirations that spans Italo-disco, Electro, Dub reggae and the classical heritage of his homeland. Pair this with an unwavering obsession for hardware and flair for live performance to get a sense of the distinct personality captured in Cazal’s productions.
An avid digger and record collector, whilst humble, driven and devoted to the craft, Cazal is completely at home during both peak time and long-form sets. As an international DJ, he makes regular stops at club culture’s most lionised spaces including fabric, Warung, Panorama Bar and of course Ibiza’s DC10 for both Circoloco and Paradise parties, the latter of which he’s been a longstanding resident for, now over seven years and counting.
Constantly evolving, Cazal took first forays into label owning in 2014, first establishing Double Drop with long-term peer Brigante, followed by its See Double offshoot. Since launching both labels have offered material from bastions of the scene: Ivan Smagghe, The Mole, Boris Werner and more, across releases still championed amongst house and techno luminaries.



Everyone loves the Berlin producer Rampue. Not only because he has remained the likeable guy with a penchant for trashy humor, but above all because he has played his way into everyone's hearts and minds with his no-frills, lovingly composed live sets. Techno that reacts to the sun like the sea reacts to the moon, house that is inhaled by pop and settles on the dance floor as a towed bass thunderstorm. So Rampue was not only one of the first of this international hype sound, but also remained one of the best.

As part of Audiolith Records, Rampue proves that the techno pie is no longer divided between the same labels. In the last few years he has played around the world and managed to win tens of thousands of friends and fans in all corners of the planet without a promotion. Fusion Festival, Burning Man, Beirut, Istanbul, Kiev: Rampue doesn't make his way from disco to disco, but from continent to continent, leaving a trail of love in his wake.


To many Hot Since 82 is a household name, from Coachella to Glastonbury, Fabric to an Ibiza residency at Pacha, it’s easy to forget his success didn’t come overnight.

Nevertheless, it was written in the stars that Daley Padley should become a DJ. Long before ‘82, his parents were already dancing the night away to Northern Soul. Many of his family members were in bands or playing instruments, so it made perfect sense for Daley to get behind the decks. His formal DJ education started at age 17 in his hometown Barnsley, where he’d play a twelve hour set each Sunday. He even landed a summer residency at Ibiza’s Amnesia in 2006.

But that was not Daley’s path. It would take a sabbatical of three years to truly find his inner voice. When he played out ‘Let It Ride’ at an afterparty on the White Isle – a track sitting on his hard drive for months – the response was overwhelming. He sent it to his friend Noir, who released it on Noir Music that very summer. It flew to the top of the deep house charts, just as a new style of bass-heavy, garage-influenced music was exploding. Hot Since 82 was born – and here to stay.

Since then, Hot Since ‘82’s trajectory has been nothing short of incredible. Four BBC Radio One 'Essential New Tunes,' two 'Essential Mixes,' he’s a top 10 Beatport seller of all time with his 'Bigger Than Prince' remix, Mixmag cover star, performing live at many of the world’s leading festivals, accompanied by a string quartet, x7 Ibiza seasons including x3 as a resident at Labyrinth at Pacha, touring the world with his unique clubbing experience TAKEN… the list goes on.

Come 2019, Daley has achieved what many aspiring artists can only dream of. Having toured extensively across five continents Hot Since 82 has become a staple in the international club and festival scene, as proven by his sold out tours in North and South America, Australia and of course the U.K. So what’s the secret? “I love interacting with the crowd. Emotions in a record are everything to me. My mission is to take people somewhere, and to hope they enjoy the journey and leave feeling enlightened.”



Easily recognizable by his signature golden bird mask, Claptone is an anonymous Berlin-based DJ and producer who bridges the worlds of deep house and indie dance. His tracks generally feature smooth, DJ-friendly tempos and warm chords, and while they're clearly crafted to soundtrack a joyous night out at a club, there's a tinge of loneliness and heartache to them.


Ninetoes arrived on the house music scene with a bang in 2013. His track ‘Finder’ set Ibiza on fire that season, being the most Shazam’d track on the island that year. This left dance music connoisseurs around the world are asking themselves, “Who is this Ninetoes guy?” It was like he appeared out of nowhere and was immediately getting spins and recognition from a variety of highly decorated DJ’s such as Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Jesse Rose, Luciano, Davide Squillace and Koze.

Well, Ninetoes was not some new kid that fell into the scene, but a hugely gifted Hip Hop producer and DJ that had been playing spots around the globe and mastering his craft for more than fifteen years. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany’s Motor City, and coming from this background, this music enthusiast knows how to tastefully tear up a party in a way few others do. He had been producing for many years, but when he came up with the idea for ‘Finder’ his career in music took a turn not even he was expecting! Originally recorded at a slower tempo the track was meant for his Hip-Hop sets, but he decided to up the tempo of the track, change the beats, and one of house music’s most iconic records of the past decade was born. Quickly picked up by Martin Eyerer, and old friend of Ninetoes, the record came out on Kling Klong and the rest is history.

With all eyes and ears on the breakout artist of the year the pressure was on to deliver more music and for Ninetoes to make his statement. He certainly didn’t disappoint as he followed up with a series of releases and remixes on some of the worlds best labels like Moon Harbour, DFTD, Crosstown Rebels, Avotre, Saved, Suara, Noir, Mobilee, Play It Down, Atlantic Jaxx, This & That, Toolroom, Stereo Productions, Snatch and Roush.

With his music getting this level of attention he started touring and gigging the world over playing his brand of rhythmical, jacking and groove driven house and techno. He has delivered this to top-tier clubs and festivals on six Continents. Ninetoes is regularly on tour in South America, Asia, USA, Australia and Europe. Be it his sophisticated selection, his outstanding and creative mixing skills or his infectious personality: his sets are a treat to anyone with the slightest soft spot for house and techno records.

Watch out for his forthcoming releases coming soon on some of the dopest labels, the launch of his own label ‘Head to Toe’ in 2019, and try to catch him play in a city near you, because “Finder” was only the first step on Ninetoe’s path!


Welcome to a world where crispy baked bass drums give the keynote, where Momratzn twitch to tweaking hi-hats and speech bubbles wave engaging basses to you!?Do you falter on making a tough decision? Super Flu recommend you garlic bread rolls and 6-minute-boiled eggs! ?Is your equipment rubbish? Trust your intuition, tickle the max out of the old stuff and squeeze inspiration out of everything you can lay your hands on! ?Are you lacking ideas? Take your cockatoo's advice! Go on vacation and have some beer. Try (you know, doing something you'd never do otherwise). Listen to Jazz. Tinker whatever comes to your mind using funny snack bar names, exotic instruments and kid's toys.? Now with your best mate and at least one mutual favourite bakery, lots of Herzblut and a great Traum behind, nothing can harm you anymore...!


Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, entered the world of electronic dance music at a peculiar moment in time. Unlike the first generation of techno producers, he’s too young to have been actively listening to early 80’s electronic pop by groups such as Depeche Mode or New Order. But unlike younger DJs and musicians, he’s been exposed to house and techno more or less since the start of these genres.

Living in rural France, Agoria first got hooked to electronic music through listening to Kevin Saunderson’s classic “Good Life” on the local radio as a twelve-year-old kid in 1988. He was so impressed by the Inner City hit that he spent the following afternoons washing his neighbours’ cars to earn enough money to buy his first 12´. His next revelation came a few years later when one of the first DJ sets he experienced happened to be from Jeff Mills in nearby Lyon. « It was the first time that I saw a DJ using three turntables and a drum machine. He really created something completely new rather that just playing records. And the way he moved, his precision and speed,impressed me. »

Agoria started out as a DJ himself, quickly followed by organizing his own parties together with a group of friends (who also gave Séb Devaud his artist moniker loosely named after Agora – the title of their party series, meaning “meeting place” in ancient Greek). He started producing and releasing his own tracks in 1999 and first gained international recognition with a series of 12´s on Pias recordings in 2002, which were followed by the acclaimed album Blossom a year later. Since then, Agoria has released tree more long-players The Green Armchair (2006), the soundtrack to Go Fast (2008), Impermanence (2011) ; all showcasing Agoria’s talent for creating deep, stripped-back, melodic, techno tracks.

In addition Agoria has compiled four mix-cds that present his unique ability in pairing tracks of very different origins and layering them in creative, sometimes even awe-inspiring ways. Deservedly so, Resident Advisor named his contribution to the At The Controls series from 2007 as one of the best mix-cds of the past decade.
Apart from his own work as a DJ and producer, Sébastien Devaud has also founded Nuits Sonores, one of the best European festivals and the label Infiné. Its releases – from Francesco Tristano’s piano treatments to Danton Eeprom’s sensual productions or Bachar Mar-Khalifé’s dramatic arrangements – continue to surprise and have made InFiné a platform for new music that always challenges and excites it’s listeners.

Recently, Agoria has released several EP on some of the most celebrated techno labels (Innervisions, Kompakt, Hotflush) and has remixed artists such as Moby, New Order & Metronomy. At the end of 2016, he launched a new label (Sapiens), that premiered with his most recent hit single, « Up all Night ».

Nowadays, he is working on his 5th album and experiments in other arts spaces : Cinéma with the Film director Jan Kounen (he also plays every year at the Cannes Films Festival), sound design with Nicolas Becker (Gravity & Phlippe Parreno's team) and contemporary art.


Walking the walk into the next phase...In the latter part of 2018, BLOND:ISH moved into a new phase in their history, with Vivie-ann Bakos taking sole charge of the DJ double-act she originally shared withAnstascia D'Elene Corniere.This pivotal changedemanded an all-embracing refresh of the BLOND:ISH biography.A modernisation of the BLOND:ISH life story so far. And that's what you're readingnow. If you’re readingthisat all, that is. "Because sometimes I wonder if people even read DJ biosanymore," Vivie-ann laughs when we ask her what she hopes to conveyhere. "Ultimately I just want people to be inspired," she continues. "But I also wantpeople to read it to the end!"Vivie-ann explains that engagingyou, the reader of this bio, all theway to the end isour job. The only other instruction we're given is not to mention the word'spirituality' too much. Because even though Vivie-ann is electronic music'smostcelebratedmystic thinker andecologicalrevolutionary, she doesn’t want to soundcheesy or, worse still, like she's preaching.Which is fair enough.After all, there's no need to force achangethat is already uponus. Because although there was atimewhenspirituality was consideredadelirium ofthe fringe,counterculturalthemeslike yoga, tantra, cosmic astrology, mindfulnessand eco-awarenessare fast becomingpart and parcelof oureverydayexistence, notto mention our dailyvocabulary, promoting anewwave of positivity and selfresponsibility that continues to change our lives for the better. People everywhereare starting to get it. Andit would appear thatBLOND:ISHistasked withsmoothingour transition into this new wayofthinking.One of the core components of this expanding global culture is the so-callednomadic dance scene, which was forged at Burning Man in the searing heatofNevada's Black Rock Desert.Psychedelic house, trippy techno-whatever you wantto call this burgeoning dancefloor sound defined by ineffable moods and realinstrumentation-when it comes to driving the scene forward, both musically andconceptually, BLOND:ISH leads the way."The music I play is uplifting and positive," Vivie-ann explains. "There's no darkness,no minimal. My download in terms of musical vibe is to present positive, happy andinspirational house and technomusic to excite your seven senses.Sometimes it'smusic that sounds fun, sometimes it's music that sounds nostalgic and sometimes it'smusic that makes you think. I usually save the deeper, more contemplative sounds tointro my sets orwhen I need toadda littleextra intensityto my musicin those keymoments when I can se


Nobody can argue the fact that Bülent Gürler (aka Butch) is the one of the hardest working artists in the industry. If he’s not honing his sounds in the studio, he’s channeling his wit into the Butch TV series or spinning for the world’s most revered dance floors. An expert in tension and release tactics, he has the ability to drive a crowd into euphoria and draw them into a trance in a mere few tracks.

Brought up in Mainz, having to beg, steal and borrow (literally) to get his first set of turntables as a teen, Butch hasn’t made it to the top by chance. Realising his love of DJ’ing at the tender age of twelve, he poured his heart and soul into building a life encompassed by music. Beating the odds to get his first sets. Ignoring the knock-backs of the close-knit club scene with a higher goal in mind. No stranger to lengthy days in the studio, he now has one of the most extensive discographies out there.

The diversity in his productions and music collection is what sets Butch apart. The allure of his sets is the unknown. Anything can happen when you least expect it. From eastern inspired psychedelia to pounding prime-time techno, when they step into the club the crowd is at the mercy of one of the industry’s most creative selectors. The only thing you can be sure of is the fluidity of his sets. Not one for hard cuts, the music flows with elongated breakdowns and loops that captivate from start to finish.

Butch’s ability to master such a broad spectrum of styles earned him the title of Best Producer two years in a row in both Raveline and Groove magazine. An accolade mirrored by his ever-presence in RA’s Top Artists. His music has an aim – to soundtrack a trip. Each production is layered with sounds to capture the wandering mind when played on a big sound system. One of his less subtle releases ‘Countach’ showcases Butch’s ability to produce powerful main room grooves, a track reminiscent of 90s German trance that builds in intensity. His gentler side is perfectly displayed in ‘Dope’, a light-hearted loop with softer sounds, but still up to his usual tricks with the slowly rising crowd noises in the background. The footage of Black Madonna dropping this feel-good tune at Dekmantel 2017 is still doing the rounds on social media, a solid example of the uplifting nature of ‘Dope’. ‘No Worries’ is maybe the biggest ear-worm he’s produced to date, with its slightly skewed sample that leaves an imprint on the brain for days – a soulful party staple through and through. And his knack for taking a track and working his magic comes through again in his remix of Cassius (ft. Cat Power and Pharrell Williams) that proved to be a hit.

His exploration into the trippier side of house and techno led him to collaborate with fellow master of the psyche, Riccardo Villalobos. Under the combined alias ButRic, the duo have produced deep, experimental EPs, such as ‘Fünfviertal’, that lead into a wormhole of warped vocal cuts and tribal drum samples.

Spending a huge part of his career on tour, Butch has continually kept a strong presence in Ibiza playing the likes of Circoloco at DC10 and Pacha. Energetic dance floors that lap up his playful sets. And playing at one of Deutschland’s most beloved yet intimate clubs, Robert Johnson, Butch stays true to his German roots, holding his party ‘Electric Friday’ a couple of times a year in Frankfurt.

Never one to mince his words, one of his latest ventures Butch TV provides an insight into his no-bullshit approach to DJ’ing. Documenting some of his daily ventures and musings with his close friend, the series shows the honest nature of Butch’s humour. Not afraid to poke fun at the music scene or reveal the truth behind the gruelling lifestyle of touring. A brief window into Butch’s life – with a heavy dose of sarcasm, as always


He’s considered nowadays as one of the electronic dance music scene’s most exciting newnames on the international stage.

Already touring and playing some of the most desired club stages such as: Circoloco, Heart, Mayan Warrior, Watergate, Balaton Festival, BPM Festival, DGTL Festival, Woomoon, Rumours Destino, and many more..

Jenia has made himself a reputation as one that will always send a smile back to you. He possesses a rare ability to read each and every crowd whilst keeping his own true unique identity.

Born in Ukraine then moved to Israel at a young age which holds one of the world’s best dance music scene, he soaked Tel-Aviv’s special energy, getting exposed to talents worldwide and soon became Israel’s DJ elite.

In 2019, Jenia founded his new label "Blue Shadow" with fellow friend and production partner Chaim.

His first release on his label-“Takadoom" & "Back2Life" , had instantly hit number 1’s on Beatport charts and is constantly on heavy rotation by the likes of Solomun, Dixon, DamianLazarus, Red Axes, DJ Tennis, Jennifer Cardini, &Me and more...

He was chosen as “Artist of the week” on Beatport, on Sep 2019.

Apart from releasing music on his own imprint, he’s also worked on music for established labels such as: Correspondent, Crosstown Rebels, Rebirth, Rumours, Jeudi, Watergate,Aeon, Stripped Down, LNDKHN, Katermukke and more


William Djoko’s entire persuasion emits pure charisma. While his DJ Sets are drenched in both groove-laden house and rugged, motor-city techno (sprinkled with his famed frisky footwork of course) his productions don the same eclectic charm: flirting between playful, cut for the club and trippy, mischievous percussions. It’s a unique approach to his artistry that is by far the pinnacle of his success thus far. Labels like Rush Hour, Voyage Direct and Tuskegee have all had their own sonic slice, with NYC based label Strictly Rhythm releasing the ever tantalising ‘OMG’ and Desolat donning ‘Out of Reach’, William’s collab with label boss and good friend Loco Dice – the record was released on Dice’s LP ‘Love Letters’ earlier this year. The futuristic sound can also be heard on William’s latest release ‘Whiplash’, a funk-inflected dance weapon that debuts as the very first record on William’s brand new imprint DJOKO Records.


Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. It is not defined by any-one genre.

Satori is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden. Listen as you take on new dimensions of his musical
world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.

Whenever you’re ready, Satori will meet you there, to the place one can only dream of.


YokoO is no stranger to house music in all its deepest forms. A studio head in the true sense of the word, he spends much of his time pondering basslines and warm synth riffs that heat up dancefloors the world over. With releases on highly regarded labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kindisch, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Plastic City, YokoO has marked out a spot for himself in the global house music scene with talent being sought after from every corner of the world.
His musical intuition drives his production and his full groove based approach to
seductive house music turns heads of many a label boss from Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge no less. As well racking up plays from industry reference artists, YokoO’s music has proven time and time again it can reach the record bags of the DJing elite in every continent.
As a DJ, YokoO embraces the dancefloor with a dynamic and honest approach sparking it up with forward thinking music every time. When you see him play, you can see a genuine love for what he is doing and that naturally feeds back to his audience, fuelling energy and the fever of the dancefloor. The warm melodies work with the heavy basslines to create a unique sound that is deep but still pumping enough to get a party started … and going way passed sunrise.
With a prolific and impressive discography, YokoO has made his mark on noteworthy labels to date with both original releases and a back catalogue of strong remixes. His latest batch of unreleased productions is an intense gathering of melodies, working with a defined sense of groove and depth designed for the dancefloor and beyond.


From the early nineties to this exact moment in time, the Tiefschwarz brothers have followed their own path of musical brilliance. Since their humble beginnings in Stuttgart to their adopted home of Berlin, Ali & Basti Schwarz have championed multiple musical genres, released incredible albums and delivered an inspiring amount of singles, remixes and DJ mixes to the word. Not satisfied just hiding in the studio, the duo has also found the time to regularly perform immense DJ sets for adoring audiences around the globe and in the top clubs. For over two decades now, Tiefschwarz have remained a serious force in the dance music industry – remaining true leaders of dance culture with absolutely zero signs of stopping.

With the release of their very first single ‘Music,’ for Francois Kevorkian’s Wave Music imprint (NYC, 1998), it was clear Tiefschwarz were onto something powerful. This single gave the duo a fast launch into the dance music spotlight, with support from the top House names of the time. Their debut LP, “Ral 9005” (for Stuttgart’s Four Music) soon followed and cemented the artists vision as a style to be noticed. The album was quickly snatched up for a re-license from London’s seminal Classic label (run by Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter) which gave Tiefschwarz an immediate following in the UK’s thriving underground scene, and throughout the world where quality House music was heard. Their first mix compilation, ‘A Little Help From Your Friends’ (also on Classic Music) displayed the skills of Tiefschwarz as a DJ team, helping prove their strength both in the studio and behind the decks. Their career had truly launched.

Packing up their gear and moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in 2002, Tiefschwarz kicked into full trajectory with an endless stream of high profile DJ gigs, remixes, and original productions. Providing remixes for Masters At Work, Ultra Naté, Freaks, Isolee, The Rapture, Cassius, DJ Hell, Missy Elliot and Kelis displayed the artist merit held strongly with both the underground aficionados as well as the mainstream Billboard elite. Holding a perfect balance between both ends of the musical spectrum proved an excellent strategy with their incredible remix of Spektrum’s “Kinda New” which became a worldwide smash hit, being hammered by the biggest names in the scene, both commercially and in the deepest underground.

The years that followed allowed Basti & Ali more time in the studio to release more singles, albums and mix compilations. ‘Misch Masch’ and ‘Eat Books’ followed their debut LP, both receiving critical praise and pushing their sound forward into new shapes and styles. “Isst” from their ‘Eat Books’ LP received honor as being one of the best singles of 2005 by both Trax and DJ Magazine. Continuing into the next year, 2006 provided hefty Tiefschwarz remix work for legendary marquee names such as Depeche Mode, Madonna and Roxy Music. It was this same year that Tiefschwarz decided to offer the music industry with a fresh project, entitled ‘Souvenir Music,’ a label owned and operated by the brothers which would help balance their commercial success with a focus towards the underground scene. This label helped kick start the careers of artists like Rampa, &Me, Adam Port and more.

Over the start of 2010 and towards present day, Tiefschwarz made the conscious move back into the shadows of the underground, while remaining a vital name in the dance music spotlight. After reaching critical mass with their commercial success, they found the desire to help build the underground scene even stronger. Keeping their focus towards the Techno and House sounds, their more recent albums such as ’10 Years Of Tiefschwarz’ and ‘Chocolate’ confirm their ability to fuse function and class with global musical appeal. With the release of these LPs, more high profile DJ gigs followed with the brothers taking control of sound systems with club residencies at Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Fabric (London), Watergate and Weekend (Berlin), alongside regular bookings at Space & Cocoon (Ibiza), Womb (Tokyo), D-Edge (Sao Paolo) and assorted gigs during global tours. An underground focus, indeed – but in the biggest clubs worldwide. The Tiefschwarz boys certainly found a perfect balance.

Constantly working day and night, gigging worldwide, and A&Ring their influential Souvenir label, Tiefschwarz have retained their top position in the music scene where it stands today. An ambitious balance between remaining commercially successful whilst pushing underground music into the limelight, their latest projects have been nothing short of essential. Their Souvenir imprint has reached an impressive 100 releases with celebrations planned for the year. They’ve been awarded a thoughtful guest appearance on Resident Advisors ‘RA Exchange’ interview broadcast and a well-received session at Mixmag’s ‘Mixlab’ in sunny LA. Fans and DJs can expect even more Tiefschwarz music to arrive, with an unmentionable amount of new singles and remixes in the pipeline (many with early support from names like Dixon and Laurent Garnier).

It’s clear Tiefschwarz have remained as passionate and dedicated to the music as they were with their humble beginnings – remaining comfortable residing at the top of the charts and lurking in the smoky basements of Berlin’s underground. Their passion for forward-thinking music is unmistakable and their talents behind the turntables and in the studio has been celebrated during their incredibly fruitful journey. Having the natural ability to stay ahead of the curve of modern dance music, whilst keeping music lovers satisfied has always been a natural talent of the brothers – and the future is certainly one for Tiefschwarz to celebrate.


Rey&Kjavik has a preference for mystical and spiritual soundscapes in an electronic music context. His debut album, Rkadash, released in 2017, emphasized the artist’s state of mind and transfered the creativity of this significant chapter in his life to the dancefloor. But in the same pace as time moves on people do as well, hence the producer has spent and wisely used the past couple of months to come to terms with transforming his newly gained impressions resulting in his second studio album, Mountiri that will be released in december 2018 on his own label RKJVK. Musically the artist stayed true to himself and yet created an advanced spiritual and mystical piece of art that highlights his versatility by drawing on oriental vibes and desertic rhythms. With his second album Rey&Kjavik crosses the frontiers of a visible reality being turned into an auditory experience and to become one in the musically experienced moment.


It’s a plain fact - close friends and production / DJ partners Grzegorz and Wojciech are enjoying a stellar and prolific career as the house outfit Catz ’n Dogz. Working their way up from humble beginnings, they now deliver constant DJ shows at the hottest venues across the globe and killer EPs and remixes with the biggest labels on the scene including Defected, Dirtybird and Cocoon, while their fourth full-length studio album ‘Friendship’ was released just last year on their own Pets Recordings. As well as the underground scene the duo have also broken onto the bigger global stage through remixes and collaborations with names like The Chemical Brothers, Roisin Murphy and Disclosure.
Now active on the scene for over fifteen years Catz ’n Dogz are making a lasting impression in the dance music community, their achievements reflected with press and award nominations including cover features with Mixmag and DJ Mag Spain, spots in the RA Top 100 DJ poll, DJ Mag’s ‘Top 10 Albums’ and ‘Best Track’ at WMC Awards. Alongside all this, back in their home country of Poland they have received numerous prizes from Muno PL, hold residencies at the top clubs in the country, such as Smolna Warsaw, and are widely regarded as the nation’s number one dance music export. Clearly, Catz ’n Dogz continue to dazzle the dancers on the floor and the electronic music community at large.


Francesca Lombardo has cultivated a sound of her own, one that represents her multi-disciplinary musical background and transcends the dance floor via an emotional narrative of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Italian-born and classically trained, Francesca carved her path in electronic music. Criss-crossing the globe as a DJ and live performer, she's played monumental shows including IMS Dalt Villa, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Get Lost and Circoloco. In tandem Fracnesca has built up a formidable back-catalogue of music on esteemed labels: Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, Leftroom, One Records and her own Echoe and Echolette imprints amongst others.

Always pushing boundaries in the name of creativity, Francesca’s live show sees orchestral ensembles of varying sizes perform her intricate productions, whilst her finesse as a DJ and undeniable vocal prowess further distinguishes her from the crowd.

Now entering a new phase of her career, Francesca prepares to unveil her debut album, a collection of songs representing the essence of what she’s all about, an LP that is forward-thinking, powerful and made from the heart. Live musicians feature, merging the world of electronic music with Francesca’s classical upbringing, set to uplift and engage people from all walks of life. The outcome is a combination of grand compositions, paired with subtle, nuanced numbers.

There’s no doubt that Francesca’s passion and drive for innovation in music serves as the fuel to keep her inspired and relevant, destined to soundtrack our lives for years to come.



Born in September 1977, James was raised with music. Encouraged by his father, who played Jazz drums, he took-up several instruments beginning with the Piano, then the Flute but then it wasn’t until he got his hands on the Alto Saxophone where he found his first love. Entering his teens, James had acquired a taste for Indie as well as 60s & 70s Psych/Rock, and picking up the guitar, formed a band at school.

Before long James discovered House, Hardcore and Jungle, making weekly trips to raves and clubs in Cambridge, London and East Anglia. It wasn’t long before he started to mess around on his friends’ turntables, and in 1995 managed to get his first pair of decks. It was while at university in Nottingham that James first started playing out, at the time of the more melodic, deeper side of Drum n Bass which he spearheaded locally with his ‘Bassic’ night, viewed by many as the ‘Swerve’ of the Midlands, welcoming the likes of Fabio to the club on regular occasions. He also started working in the award-winning Selectadisc record store, becoming further exposed to exciting modern dance sounds and began playing more alternative / freestyle / backroom sets.

Moving to London in 2001 he continued his work and life in music, initially again at Selectadisc, then Timewarp Distribution and subsequently at Phonica Records and Arision Recordings, where his eyes were even more opened to the new wave of House and Techno hitting our shores. Hooking up with some old friends from Cambridge he launched secretsundaze in 2002. This legendary Sunday afternoon party with its colourful, cosmopolitan crowds and cutting-edge music policy soon became the talk of the town and in 2005 both Mixmag and Time Out awarded it ‘Best UK Club Night’. The secret was also out in Europe, with hugely successful secretsundaze parties now taking place in Ibiza (Blue Marlin, & Gala Night) Barcelona (during Sonar) and Austria (Snowbombing). With a reputation for using risqué / off-the-cuff venues, the club has welcomed some of the world’s most renowned djs & producers with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Four Tet, Dixon and Derrick May all appearing over the years.

James has a distinct djing style, playing broadly what you would describe as deep House & Techno, often borrowing from his freestyle background, preferring to move things around rather than follow one linear groove. You will also notice James’ solid musical background in his sets and productions usually favouring strong melodies and warm, organic sounds. His style hasn’t gone unnoticed and he regularly plays some of the best clubs and parties around the world, highlights including Robert Johnson (Offenbach), Fabric (London), Air (Tokyo), Output (NYC), Studio 80 (Amsterdam) and Space (Ibiza).

In 2004 James returned his attention to writing and recording music, this time working with friend Dan Berkson. 2005 saw their debut release, a remix for Fine Records of Italian X-Rays which was licensed to several compilations.

September 2007 marked 10 years since James began djing, and the month aptly saw the release of his first compilation / mix CD – secretsundaze Volume 1 released on secretsundaze Music, which he co-manages and A & Rs. This period also saw the release of 2 EPs ‘Chariots’ & ‘The Source’ on Will Saul’s Simple Records, sister label to Aus.

Critically acclaimed ‘secretsundaze Volume 2′ was released in 2008 alongside an incredible year of secretsundaze parties and bookings internationally. In 2009 James moved into venue ownership with The City Arts and Music Project & later on Meter on City Road in London.

2011 saw James and the secretsundaze crew return for part 3 of the mix compilation cd’s whilst in 2012 James returned to the studio and released Baia 2012 & Speed EPs on secretsundaze working with new production partner Marco Antonio.

Since then a renewed A&R focus on the label, heaving touring and the formation of TSA Artists booking agency (formerly The Secret Agency) has been keeping James busy.

Other than his secretsundaze residency recent gig activity in London includes being invited to play as part of James Lavelle’s Meltdown Festival at Southbank Centre and a new residency at Notthing Hill Arts Club.


As a teenager Terence :Terry: spent much of his time hanging out in the first raves to be held in Paris, in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. There, he discovered a menagerie of dance genres and he quickly developed a passion for diverse sounds that would inspire him to take to the decks, and influence him throughout the rest of his music career. Feeding his desire for original, rare cuts, Terence became a fixture at Paris’ famous flea-market Puces of Clignancourt, dealing in second-hand warehouse vinyl he found on trips to London. But, always on the hunt something new to excite him, he would often sneak away from his shop in search of jazz, soul, hip-hop and funk records to expand his ever-growing music collection.

Steadily building his name as a DJ/producer on the underground scene in Paris, Terence secured a number of residencies including ‘Afterparty Is Not A Crime’ at Nouveau Casino, one of the most hyped after parties around in 2003/4, and later in 2009, ‘Oui Now’ at Djoon where he hosted alongside the likes of Tania Vulcano, Seth Troxler and Clive Henry. His close alliance with the famous Freak n’Chic label saw him spinning at the Batofar and Rex Club whilst, further afield, his DJing took him from DC10 Ibiza, to Panoramabar and Watergate in Berlin, Goa Madrid and Fabric London.

Branching out and wanting to immerse himself in a new scene, Terence moved away from Paris for a few wild years in London, where he was embraced by the city’s underground and regularly appeared at seminal parties such as T-bar, Kubicle and Mulletover. This was not only a crucial time for Terence himself but also for the London scene, giving rise to a new generation of artists who have helped shape the progression of the city’s electronic music scene since the mid-2000s up to now. Being involved in such a fertile movement had a huge influence on Terence’s outlook, inspiring him to return to Paris with a fresh new take on his career.

So, in 2012, Terence felt it was time to launch his own label La Vie En Rose, quite simply to have a platform to develop and release a sound that could encompass a whole range of genres, taking influence from his very first experiences in the Paris rave scene. Since its inception La Vie En Rose has been responsible for several ubiquitous releases, including the killer ‘Living Lies’ by John Dimas, ‘Distraction Way’ by Terence and Hanfry Martinez (which included Dyed Soundorom’s exquisite remix of ‘Sunday Gathering’), Carlos Sanchez with ‘Timeless’ (including New York legend Jovonn on remix duties) and Terence and Hanfry’s second superlative link up, ‘Cornelius Is Gaye’. The label continues to maintain a high level of musical output, representing the very best in avant-garde sounds from a selection of young talents from around Europe.

Recently the Lil'brother of La Vie En Rose born called :Epice Magique Records



Forget The Club Crew

Mattia Torrione, born in Turin, star to be in contact with electronic music from a young age. From the house music awakes his passion for electronic music, through music deep house, techno, techno house, nu disco. His ecletic dj sets are influenced by tech house, Chicago house, nu disco and techno. Upon moving to Madrid he started playing in clubs like: Le Boutique, Ramses, Evaristo Club... And soon started his personal project of music and events with his friend Luca, a new path of musical experimentation and a unique and amazing party environment in Madrid: Forget The Club. A Afternoon Party with electronic sound, good vibes, good people, and lots of fun!


Forget The Club Crew


Forget The Club Crew

Luchino has been in the tech-house scene for a while! Originally from Italy, he moved to London in 2005, in his early age, where he commenced his path in the tech-house and techno music! From there he has been playing in various venues, like The Egg, Question Mark, Cocoon rest, 1001, Exit Bar and plenty of underground after parties at Flat 45! Following this long experience, he is now based in Madrid, where, in collaboration with Torrione, they launched their own party called Forget The Club! The events are taking place in the most exclusive venues of Madrid almost every Sundays!
With this fresh and multicultural party, he is now playing in clubs and terraces like Hotel Me by Melia, Bernabeu Stadium, Conde Duque, Atenas, Florida-Retiro and travels around the world with dates in London, with residency at 93 Feet East, Shoreditch Platform and Cargo, Mexico City at W Hotel and Soon in Ibiza and the south of Spain, including Sonar OFF!


Forget The Club Crew

After five years of exile in London, Miguel Meaurio (San Sebastián, 1984) left in a random trip to Ibiza where fell in love with the beats of the island and became Maik Miroux.
There you will be able to find him regularly putting sound to the spectacular sunsets of Cap D'Es Falcó in Experimental Beach, Beso Beach, Paradiso Hotel or ME Ibiza. If you try harder you'll see him on the Motel8289 on Hï Ibiza. The exclusive party inside one of the best parties in world at the moment: Afterlife by Tale Of Us, alongside the most de wanted DJs of the planet such Dixon, Solomun, Maceo Plex or Mano Le Tough.
During the winter lives in Madrid where you can catch him playing at the best parties of the capital such Mondo Disko, Trueno, Matryoshka’s or Forget The Club where he is resident DJ every Sunday. He shared DJ booth with big names like &ME, Damian Lazarus, Agoria, Andhim, Blond:ish, Carl Craig, Red Axes, Adam Port, Niconé, Satori, Acid Pauli, Catz ’n Dogz, Pablo Fierro and Bawrut.
In 2018 he made two tours on Panama where he played in the best clubs of the country and on the New Years Eve festival at Playa Venao with Los Suruba. With his music he transports us to a warm moment nourished by Balearic rhythms with techno and house influences, based on rhythmic textures and sometimes dark and always daring tones.


Forget The Club Crew

Pomboklap is a skilled and sensible disc jockey / producer, who is passionate, energetic, and transcendent in each set. He quickly connects with the audience on each dance floor, in which from the first track until the very last, is subtly transformed by its eclecticism and groove.

He is a resident of significant festivals in Madrid (Forget The Club, Madrid Electronic Music events ) and Ibiza, continuously infusing his sound with legendary rooms such as Florida retiro , Goya Social club , and Sala El Sol in Madrid or Sankeys Ibiza and Bora Bora among others, with his discollage brand has monthly events and his discollage radio show at Pure Ibiza Radio every wednesdays at 00h .

Internationally, he has traveled to clubs in different countries such as Mexico, Finland, and Portugal. With sounds similar to house, deep-house, afro, and disco, this artist can create dynamic sessions with a lot of power and electronic groove.

he has played with renowned artist such as Damian lazarus , Blondish , steve lawler , Andhim ,

Super flu , Jan blomqvist , Pablo fierro and more...

Local Artist


Luke García, DJ and producer of Spain, has lived from childhood fascinated by electronic music and the club scene in general. He had the good fortune to know a Madrid where quality electronics were in good health and you could find great sessions and festivals in all styles from the Classic House to the most powerful Techno.

Soon he realized that listening was not enough and that what he really needed was to express himself and take out the rhythms that he had inside. Since the beginning of the year 2000 he began his career in the booths of the main clubs in Spain. And then they claimed it in numerous festivals and discos around the world like Moscow, Paris, Athens, Mykonos, Colombia, Argentina, Dubai, Tunis, London, Ibiza or Miami among others.
These are the last two cities, Ibiza and Miami together with South America, where his career has proliferated the most.

For some years now it is also common in the summers of Ibiza where after playing in numbers clubs, beach clubs and some of the famous private parties in vilas ... finally I join the jump to the big clubs as first resident of Es Paradis and later partying SO COOL IBIZA and where he has been for a few years dj resident in PACHA IBIZA, LIO IBIZA and DESTINO PACHA HOTEL.

His career is combined with his career as a producer, publishing numerous original works and remixes for some of the best electronic labels such as Connected Frontline, MoBlack Records, Chapter 24 Records, Dantze, Ephemeral Music ... In this sense, there have been numerous times that artists as Dixon, Trikk, Solomon, Andhim, Laurent Garnier, Oliver Koletzki have played and chart their tracks.

Characterized by the quality both in its execution and in the musical selection, Luke Garcia defines his musical style within a melodic electronic with great influence of house, deep house, tech club, melodic house & techno and acid / afro / house or even the more forceful rhythms of techno, always without losing the freshness and groove that turns their sets into authentic dance sessions to which no audience resists, wasting energy in each performance.

Undoubtedly LUKE GARCIA is at the moment one of the deejays
of electronic with more projection in the underground scene.




Since young age he has been fascinated with disco music, especially with artists like Pet Shop Boys, Peter Murphy, Rick James and so many others. Sounds that influenced him to take the plunge into vinyl plates, discovering this way the club music.
He began then, dedicating many afternoons to improve his technique to finally start his career as a professional Dj in 2007, causing very good vibes and getting several promoters to bet on him. A few years later, he manage to play al the large venues of Madrid and also on the most emblematic rooftops, arriving to debut outside Spain to make the people in London, Luxembourg and Mexico vibrate. Currently his sound is not limited to a single musical genre like House, but goes deeper into deep house and tech house, continually buzzing sounds that cause good sensations in the audience.
Proud to be able to work and live of his passion,making people dance and enjoy his sessions all night.



Hailing from Madrid, Onelia graduated as a Computer Engineer.
Her musical influences were cemented at the age of ten by listening to pop, funk and disco. She has been part of the music industry since 2002, producing the “World Dance Music” radio show at national music station, “40 Principales”. From 2007 she worked during 4 years, also as a producer, for another national prime time radio show: "Sutil Sensations”. Syndicated through dance music station “Loca FM”, the Saturday evening show was presented by DJ and producer David Gausa.

Being involved with some of the best music festivals in Europe, Onelia has interviewed and broadcasted exclusive DJ mixes by Roger Sánchez, Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Hernán Cattáneo, Felix Da Housecat, 2ManyDjs, Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, Sasha, Luciano, Gui Boratto, Jimpster, Anja Schneider, MANDY, Booka Shade, Guy Gerber and many more.

Onelia’s sets are a combination of Funk, Disco, Latin, Techno and House music. From its most soulful to its deepest side, Onelia creates eclectic sets full of elegance, sensibility, and surprises. Of late, she is playing regularly in Madrid's most popular venues such as "Areia", "Chatarra", "Café de la Palma", "Juglar", "Siroco", "Démodé", "The Urban Cinema Club" at Centro Cultural Conde Duque, "Eccola", "Opium", "Platea",“Hotel de las letras”, "Ramses", "Hotel ME Meliá Reina Victoria", "Bristol Bar", "Nice To Meet You", "Café Saigón", "Otto Madrid", "D’Sesto", "Garbo", "Nubel" at Museo Reina Sofia, "Arts Club", "Perrachica", "Terraza Atenas", "Moroder", "Interclub", "El Amante", "Clandestino Hemingway", "Sala Stella", "Palacio De Las Alhajas", "Florida Retiro", "Clamores", "Sissy Bag", "Morocco", "Sildavia", "Marula", "You Is Back", "Hotel RIU Plaza de España" in Madrid... just to mention a few, "Duna" in Barcelona, "Sunset Ashram", "Manoa", "Hotel MiM Es Vivé", "Hotel ME", "Hotel Sol House" in Ibiza, "10punto7" in Formentera, as well as in venues abroad such as "Roses Catina" in Amsterdam, "Rhythm Cafe" in Tokyo, ”CaBARé", "Destilaria", "DOP" and “Hotel Intercontinental” in Porto, or “Hotel Intercontinental” in Estoril...... A seasoned professional with a strong commitment to music, who is able to induce through her music passion and joy.

Bill Brewster, James Priestley, Lars Behrenroth, Agoria, Adriatique, Roman Flügel, Alexander Robotnick, Superpitcher, Garrett David, Marshall Jefferson... , are some of the artists Onelia has shared decks with at different parties and festivals such as "After Brunch", "Electrosplash"... etc.

Onelia is currently managing sound design “Sonitat” events production arm and DJ booking agency “Nakama bookings”, where she works as agent for well known international and local electronic music artists. She has also been part of the Production Team at DJ AWARDS association in Ibiza in 2017 and 2018.




DJ, Producer and composer, Ian Ludvig is one of the most renowned spanish artistsinternationally.Artists like Saab have soon taken advantage of his work, publishing his track shanmathrough his label, Radiant.An afro-house sound, melodic, with much strenght and personality.This way he managed to be recognized by some of the best labels in the world. Hisrecent co-produced track with Dennis Cruz - Black Bird - though the Moblack label hasranked #top3 in the afro house sales list in Beatport.His career in music started with a sound mostly related to Tech House,being his productions recognized by brands like Tomorrowland or Elrow Music.His constant restlessness and creativity took him to leave tech house aside identifyinghimself with more melodic, harmonic and rythmic sounds. Styles where he can really show his potentialas an artist.Music lover, Ian begins his career getting into the music school at 6, going later to the conservatory wherehe continued his education during over 15 years. At the early age of 14 he starts to play vinyls, combiningthem with the saxofone. In 2013 he starts his career as a professional musician


French autodidact with his own Label : Miam Miam Records


sandrobianchi, born Italian, from a Peruvian Mother and resident in Madrid, is one of the most important DJ´s on the national underground scene. He also has a very extensive international career. His DJ set´s had reached some of the best known worldwide clubs, such as “Cielo”- NYC, “Propaganda”- Moscow, “Flex”- Vienna, “Weekend”- Berlin, “Culture box”- Copenhagen, etc…
Sandro is commonly requested by Central and South America where people had been listening to his work in Venezuela, Brasil, Colombia, Sto. Domingo and Peru among other countries.
He is one of the members & creator of the “Madactive Collective” organization from Madrid, and the resident DJ at many top local clubs in his city.
as a broadcaster he has a great international audience due to his large and solid career troughout the radiowaves…with several radio shows in different radio stations.
Thanks to all of these, Sandro has become a versatile DJ indeed; managing various music styles and mixing from hip-hop, r´n´b, soul, funk. dub, dubstep, jazz to disco & nu disco, breaks, deep house, soulful house, tech house & techno.
sandrobianchi has signed for labels as S.P.P. (stéphane pompougnac productions) with a track included in the world famous series hotel costes & for sonar kollektiv (berlin), the famous label of jazzanova while the rest of his work gets published by subterfuge records, tarifa records, alma music, house café music, logical records, sol selectas (new york) & whiskey disco (orlando-fla.).
He is sponsored by nike, nudie jeans, carhartt, obey giant and in Peru and Chile by element. His career has developed close to world of fashion by placing his music in many fashion designers catwalks, events & use to make playlists to shops around the world.



Electronic Musician, Professional Procrastinator.... (Hago politonos).


Amer Farah aka Al Bashhh is a practicing artist residing in Madrid. He holds a residency with the biggest party in Madrid, After Brunch. Al Bashhh is managed by 1302 Records. See profile page for bookings.


Influenced by new sounds from all musical background, Zubi always try to bring new sounds to the dancefloor. Juggling between house, uk funky and techno music, Zubi create is own vibe on the dancefloor. 3 years ago, he starts a monthly party at Velvet called UNITED GROOVE, and he brought a wide range of up and coming artist and newcomers. It fastly become one of the best montreal underground's monthly party. He recently start a new party with other djs, called DARLINGS, which is a warehouse event. He works with different vocalists and artists, on some collaborations, remixes and a project with a singer.


Angie O is inspired by her multicultural roots and her travels when it comes to mixing. She is a DJ , Producer, Artistic Director and Promoter, with residences at Playa Padre (Marbella), Florida Retiro (Madrid), Hotel ME (Ibiza) to name a few. She has shared booth with Bedouin, Guy Gerber, Adriatique, Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba, Mira, and Culoe De Song among others. Her style is all about bringing happy vibes and harmony to create an unforgettable moment for everyone. At the moment she is one of the members of the Blackheart Girls and plays in their unique all female dj lineup parties around Spain. She also works closely with fashion & lifestyle brands for unique events around the world.

You can check her sets on soundcloud and also on Beachgrooves Radio every Wednesday at 1oam GMT.


AIWAA is a cult that tries to connect the mystical, the spiritual, the earth, the arts and the love. As a lover of organic and electronic music, AIWAA produces fusions of electronic, ethnic and mystical sounds that are influenced by the Oriental, Indian & Andean culture. With its seducing electronic textures he creates music not only for dancing but also for healing.


The story of Landikhan starts at an early age. In fact, despite not coming from a family of musicians or immersing himself in his father’s jazz record collection as well as always failing music class in school, Landikhan does possess an important skill. His open mind and respect toward musictoward music of all genres has allowed him to create and develop the characteristic sound he is known for in his productions and sets. One of his positive qualities is to dig deep in his background to generate powerful feelings and special moments of joy for those who attend his performances.
Currently, he is one of the most sought after producers in the Spanish scene having collaborated with artists such as
Rodrigo Gallardo, Ed is Dead, Matthew Styles…
His works have been published on prestigious labels Natura Sonoris, Balance Music, and on his own recognized label, LNDKHN, which has become one of the best selling labels of 2018 alongside greats such as Ninja Tune, Anjuna Deep, Landikhan productions releases in labels like LNDKHN, Stil Vor Talent, Buddah Bar, Music for dreams, Constant circles, Kittball to name afew.

As a Dj, he’s been featured in the iconic Woomoon lineup for the past 2 years where he’s shared booth with artists Blondish, Rampue, Oliver Koletzki, etc. as well as hold his residency in the famous club session Trueno (Madrid) since its early beginnings.
As we wrap up 2018 looking back on appearances in Ibiza, Miami, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Milan, Madrid, and Brussels, we also look forward to next year which promises to be a year of great adventure in the world of Landikhan.


Presentadora de Le Garage TV / DJ & Lifelover



Spanish born, east London based. MartAloe is a free spirit with epic energy behind the DJ booth. Inspired by her native Ibiza club scene, Marta has worked her way up through DJ and Producing around London, Madrid and Ibiza.
From elegant Latin rhythms, house injected with future electronic and dance music. Her animated personality together with her international music upbringing makes her DJ sets uplifting and diverse.